Hello there!

Welcome to my personal weblog about life at miavia, the airbnb of handcrafted travel guides – I’m Chris, co-founder and technical lead.

This blog will be about the daily tech challenges we face as a startup. We decided to be quite open about the technologies we use for our web platform, so I’m looking forward to interesting discussions and feedback! 

Last month we had to decide which technology to choose for our web stack, and we decided to go with the Play Framework and Scala as the main backend and templating language. This was not an easy decision. Usually, as developers, we’re always excited to try new technologies, and that can sometimes make us blind to the downsides they bring. All technologies have their strengths and weaknesses, but in the beginning we see the positive stuff, so I try to be careful about that. If you’re interested, I’ll write more about this decision in the upcoming posts!

Many thanks go to my colleagues at runIT for encouraging me to write this blog.


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  • Tyler

    Just wondering.. did you guys look at using the Typesafe Reactive Platform with the Play Framework at all?

  • //blog.papauschek.com/ Christian Papauschek

    Well, this post is older than the Reactive Platform 😉 The Typesafe Activator is just a nice way to get started with Play Framework and Akka, but we didn’t have the need to look at it so far.