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A crossword puzzle maker written in Scala.js

Lately I’ve been trying out Scala.js and Scala 3. As a test, I have taken an old project of mine – a crossword puzzle generator, and compiled it with Scala.js. This is a CPU-intensive application, as it tries to create crossword … Continue reading

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Play Framework Evolutions with Slick 2.0 Code Generator

The new Slick 2.0 database library comes with a simple code generator that generates Scala code for all your tables so you can quickly start coding against your database. It takes into consideration not only the tables and columns, but also primary … Continue reading

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A word on search engine optimization

There’s a lot of misinformation about SEO out there. Some stuff is plain wrong, other infos may have been true 10 years ago. We’re now planning on getting a lot of content online, so I wanted to get up-to-date information … Continue reading

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