Up and running in 3 days

At the Startup Live Vienna 8 we wanted to get our launch page online in just three days, and that was quite a challenge. A room full of people and a lot of distractions can make it hard to be productive. But then there is the exciting atmosphere and the people staying and working till late in the evening!

I didn’t bring my own laptop for development, and so I had to borrow the MacBook from Biancaco-founder and product designer here at miavia. Only at the event I realized that this was a crazy idea – having a mostly Windows/Linux background, I never worked on a Mac before, and was quite slow to get started with the most basic technical stuff (git, SCP, etc.). Fortunately, we had a great team at the event, I got help to get everything up and running on the Mac – many thanks go to Luis Nell! 😉 Also, we had great support from Stefan Raffeiner, who was quick to implement the HTML and CSS.

So we managed to do it! And this is what we used:

  • We hosted our git repository on dropbox – everyone shouting loud and clear when they would make a commit, so we don’t get a dropbox conflict, hehe
  • The Play Framework has a local development mode, so we could quickly check our changes on a local web server.
  • Stefan worked mostly on the page styles, Luis worked out how to make beautiful cross-device HTML emails, and supported me on the Mac 😀
  • I used the IntelliJ Idea IDE for Scala/CSS/HTML etc., and from time to time checking how the page looks like in Internet Explorer on my netbook


From left to right: Stefan, me and Luis. This is going to be a rare picture: me working on a Mac!

Thanks to everyone on our team at Startup Live, what a weekend!

Btw, here is our launch page:


Check it out at http://miavia.in !

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