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Play Framework Evolutions with Slick 2.0 Code Generator

The new Slick 2.0 database library comes with a simple code generator that generates Scala code for all your tables so you can quickly start coding against your database. It takes into consideration not only the tables and columns, but also primary … Continue reading

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Scala coding competition: Akka and the Prisoner’s Dilemma

More than 20 people with no prior Akka experience, 10 minutes preparation talk, one idea: getting everyone to write Actors participating in a realtime competition to beat others in the game of Prisoner’s Dilemma. Sounds challenging? Yes, it is. Did … Continue reading

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Real-world performance of the Play framework on EC2

Recently there have been discussions about the performance of the play framework, after a large collection of web framework test results has been posted on TechEmpower. Play does well on these tests, but it’s not exceptionally fast. In the article, simple JSON responses … Continue reading

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Hello there!

Welcome to my personal weblog about life at miavia, the airbnb of handcrafted travel guides – I’m Chris, co-founder and technical lead. This blog will be about the daily tech challenges we face as a startup. We decided to be quite open … Continue reading

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