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Why and How we are using Scala at Journi

Last year we started building our web/mobile startup Journi, and I considered 3 different backend languages before finally settling on Scala: PHP. I didn’t want to continue working with a language that had grown into a monstrosity. C# .NET. Solid, … Continue reading

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Recent challenges and outlook

Hello everybody, it’s been quite a long time since my last post here, and that was partly because of my focus on running the technical implementation of our web application, an editor which lets you easily create and share insider … Continue reading

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A word on search engine optimization

There’s a lot of misinformation about SEO out there. Some stuff is plain wrong, other infos may have been true 10 years ago. We’re now planning on getting a lot of content online, so I wanted to get up-to-date information … Continue reading

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Being open to feedback, setting new priorities

As someone who is experienced in tech, but not as much in business, it was interesting to see how many different opinions you can get about your business idea by talking to other founders, investors and business advisors. Just as … Continue reading

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Up and running in 3 days

At the Startup Live Vienna 8 we wanted to get our launch page online in just three days, and that was quite a challenge. A room full of people and a lot of distractions can make it hard to be … Continue reading

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