Recent challenges and outlook

Hello everybody,

it’s been quite a long time since my last post here, and that was partly because of my focus on running the technical implementation of our web application, an editor which lets you easily create and share insider tips for travelers.

However, the real challenge here at miavia is not web development, although implementing beautiful designs can be quite difficult. It’s not about how, but about what to do.

Currently, we want to get as many users on our platform as possible, and we want mostly content creators. People who create content are often quite careful about which tools or platforms they use, and rightly so. We try to listen as carefully as possible to the feedback we get, but sometimes it can lead into a direction we don’t want to go.

Part of the challenge comes from explaining what we want to create, and it has been a constant concern of ours to improve communication on the website and elsewhere.

We’re not interested in becoming a TripAdvisor, or a WikiTravel. The interwebs are full of information about specific sights and well known places.

We’re all about the great places you haven’t heard of yet. And while existing sites have some kind of social network integration, we believe that there are lot more possibilities to explore about the social aspect of traveling.

Now, a lot has happened since May and also our team has grown, as we are currently 6-7 people, three of us are software developers. This allows us to work on both, our web app and our upcoming iPhone mobile app, in which we want to take advantage of the upcoming iOS 7.

So: if you just came back from a great trip, head over to and write about it! :)


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