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Why and How we are using Scala at journi

Last year we started building our web/mobile startup journi (called miavia back then), and I considered 3 different backend languages before finally settling on Scala: PHP. I didn’t want to continue working with a language that had grown into a … Continue reading

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Scala Akka Workshop – Evolving a Robot in an Actor Cluster

It is quite extraordinary what is possible nowadays with a group of interested developers and powerful tools such as Scala and Akka. Three months ago we had our first Akka Workshop here at the Vienna Scala User Group (VSUG), in … Continue reading

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Akka Workshop Cheat Sheet

Contents Akka Cheat Sheet Robot Cheat Sheet Scala Cheat Sheet (List handling) Akka Cheat Sheet Creating an actor system (usually one per machine) val system = ActorSystem(“cluster”)   Defining an actor: class MyActor(myArg1: String) extends Actor { // initial actions … Continue reading

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World map coding challenge

The goal of this coding challenge is to build a world map that can be scrolled and zoomed into by the user. Here’s a video that shows how the end result might look like: Requirements Draw a world map using … Continue reading

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Play Framework Evolutions with Slick 2.0 Code Generator

The new Slick 2.0 database library comes with a simple code generator thatĀ generates Scala code for all your tables so you can quickly start coding against your database.Ā It takes into consideration not only the tables and columns, but also primary … Continue reading

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3 Things Learned from using Akka in a Coding Workshop

Here are 3 learnings from last weeks Akka coding session, in which all participants connected their Actors in order to participate in a Prisoner’s Dilemma competition.

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Scala coding competition: Akka and the Prisoner’s Dilemma

More than 20 people with no prior Akka experience, 10 minutes preparation talk, one idea: getting everyone to write Actors participating in a realtime competition to beat others in the game of Prisoner’s Dilemma. Sounds challenging? Yes, it is. Did … Continue reading

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Using Play Framework 2 in production

Even though Play Framework 2 is a young framework, we found it to be quite stable for production use. Still, here are some points you may want to consider when working on a serious web project using Play 2.2. This … Continue reading

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Play Framework 2 in production: HTTPS using nginx

If you provide some sort of user login on your page, you’ll probably want to use HTTPS/SSL. Play Framework 2 supports secure connections using the recommended setup with a reverse proxy such as nginx. This means your application server will … Continue reading

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Recent challenges and outlook

Hello everybody, it’s been quite a long time since my last post here, and that was partly because of my focus on running the technical implementation of our web application, an editor which lets you easily create and share insider … Continue reading

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